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ACBL, Unit 507 -- Santa Clara Valley California
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It's not exactly a Sectional Tournament at Clubs, because there are no overcall score comparisons, but from May 25 through 31, every virtual club game will pay in silver points, and triple the normal point payoff! There will be increased table fees for these riches, but you should take advantage of this opportunity to collect silver from the comfort of your home. During this silver week, there will be an extra game on Thursday at 2:45 pm.

There are six positions on the Unit Board opening up. While each of the people in those positions is willing to continue serving, if you want to nominate yourself or a friend to run for a position, let a Unit Board member know, and we will have to arrange some form of election. Our contact information is elsewhere on this website.

There will be no sectionals and no bridge games at the San Jose Bridge Center until the club owners and the Board of Unit 507 determine in light of expert medical advice that it is safe to resume playing face-to-face bridge. That decision, when made, will be announced on this website and by email to those who have played at the San Jose Bridge Center.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Bridge Center has been reborn as a virtual club on Bridge Base Online ("BBO") and offers a full schedule of games at least twice a day as described below. There are now three ways to support your club financially through playing online.

(1) Click here to see the daily schedule of games offered online by the San Jose Bridge Club. The results of the online games are posted where you usually see the game results.

(2) If you can't make it to one of our club's games, the ACBL, partnering with BBO and the Common Game, is currently offering black points in 3 daily nationwide games, at 7 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4:30 p.m. PDT. If you play in one of those games, 80% of your entry fee will flow back to your local club.

(3) And if all those times are inconvenient, you can enter a daylong tournament, playing 18 boards with 3 robots at your convenience, again with the most of the entry fees going back to your local club. The ACBL has explained the details of these 18-board club support tournaments here.

If you are brand-new to online bridge, the ACBL has collected some tutorials here.

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